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 how to make codes

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PostSubject: how to make codes   Tue Feb 07, 2012 6:11 pm

[xTuTx] Wii Coding: RAM Dumps

watch a quick video

Well against my better judgement I decided to make a basic RAM dump tutorial, only reason being I get spammed like no other on this subject.

Ok, first off, IF YOU HAVE NOT READ MY OTHER TWO TUTS; DO NOT CONTINUE AND READ THOSE FIRST. They are titled 'Buttons for dummies', and 'back to the basics: Mem1 and Mem2', I'll add links and pictures later.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's continue. Download HxD editor, and the RAM dump you wish to have.
Here's an updated black ops RAM dump:
mediafire.com /file/90997f...k_Ops_Dump.rar

Now that we have those, open HxD, then open your RAM dump.
It should look like this:

Now press ctrl F and it will ope a box like:

Type in 'Jump height'

Now make sure the search settings are set to search 'all'

Search until you find the wanted dvar, now highlight it from . To .

Press ctrl E and copy the 'start offset'

Now press ctrl F again, paste the start offset, and this time search hexadecimal numbers.

Your results will come up with random gibberish, but press ctrl E on your search result.

If it starts with 14, it is a working dvar. Copy it, and paste it somewhere and change 14 to 054.

Now you have a set of 8 numbers/variables. Make a second set of 8 with a space between, and put XXXXXXXX.

There are 3 main ways you need to finish this code. They are:
Floating Point
So when, and how do you use these? You will use hexadecimal when you are dealing with in game variables, I.e. modifying scores, your name, and so on.

You will use Floating Point in jump height, knife range, aim lockon strength and stuff like that.

You will use boolean whenever the dvar says something like 'force all items bought' or 'voice chat enabled'. What a boolean is is a true or false statement, 01000000 is true; 00000000 is false. So say we had 'voice chat enabled' and you wanted to disable it, you'd put 00000000; a false statement.
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how to make codes
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